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We introduce you to 4 different exemplary routes for a comfortable travel plan on the well- maintained roads throughout Namibia and the neighbouring countries- Zambia, Botswana, South Africa.
All tours can be planned as Self-Drive Tours or Guided Tours- the choice is yours to make!
These are itinerary examples that we can tailor with you to ensure that you have the best experience in Africa with the Anchor Adventures team upon your arrival to your departure home.

Remember, we create individual travel experiences for you, with you.
See you soon!


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Traditional Cooking

Explore our selection of activity packages such as cooking classes, bar hopping, etc



Learn how to make traditional Namibian baskets or pottery. Simply book our day activities via TripAdvisor or contact us.


Honeymoon &


Love is the foundation to a happy life. We are here to plan your unique honeymoon or even destination wedding for the extra bit of romance



Group Tours

If you are planning for an educational tour looking beyond the classic touristic destinations contact us for further information. We organize conference venues, panel discussions and meetings with experts of all fields


Ombili is an Oshiwambo word  for ''peace'', in the spoken language of the Aawambo people of Namibia. The tour provides you with an experience of the beauty of Namibia, starting from the North to the South of the country. We guarantee you peace of mind as you travel through the wide open spaces filled with serenity, amazing landscapes, beautiful sunsets and people.

We drive North from the country's capital city of Windhoek to a town called Ondangwa. The people are nice and friendly, you are introduce to the local way of life for you to share and embrace the cultural differences, cook a meal together, have a drink and simply be there and engage with the people.


A safari in the wildlife sanctuary is perfect right now as we visit the Etosha National Park (ENP) for our wildlife adventure.

The park is amazing and is filled with abundant wildlife, Flora and diversity thereof. Elephants, Lions, Giraffes, Leopards, Cheatahs, Wilderbeest and many more animals await your arrival.

On the way to the coast, we will visit the UNESCO World Heritage site in Twyfelfontein (Damara land), for the famous "White Lady" rock painting  (among other groups of paintings by the San people of Namibia), and the tracking of the desert adapted Elephants in Damaraland. 

You will proceed South of the Namib Desert  to the beautiful dunes in Sossusvlei- we call it ''oasis of beauty''. The final destination is the second largest canyon in the world - Fish River Canyon.  

Duration:        14 - 20 days

Options:          Self-Drive or guided tour


Oshetu is a local word which means "its ours". Namibia belong to the Namibian and we want to share all that it has to offer with the world, i.e. people, culture, food, traditional practices and how we find happiness in the simplicity of life.

The travel plan starts with a short drive to the 200 meter high Waterberg plateau, an early opportunity to track one of the Big 5 animals- Rhinoceros. 

After a pleasant good nights rest, a filling breakfast is served on top of the plateau before we depart to the next destination, there is always something to see a long the road.

We encourage social interaction between travellers and locals as it helps to understand people with different ethnicities, cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs to come together and communicate- this is important to us that we enable this.

The trip involves social interaction, a safari in the country's biggest national park, visiting heritage sites, tracking desert adapted elephants and a Catamaran tour on the ocean to a place like no other- Sandwich Harbour.

This place in amazing as it is the only place in the world where the ocean and the desert come together, literaly!

Have you heard of Spitzkoppe? Here is an idea, let us take you there.

This package involves a lot of driving due to the duration of your vacation time in Namibia BUT we can always extend and customize it for you. It all depends on how much vacation time you have to be part of a rounded trip around Namibia that is fun, adventurous and insightful trip in Namibia. All our travel packages are individual.

Duration:        12-14  days

Options:          Self-Drive or guided tour



Tangeni means ''praiseful'' and with this trip we would like to explore with you in admiration of the abundant beauty and contrast in landscape that the country has to offer. 

We will visit places that do not have mass travellers, for you to remain calm, relaxed and immerse oneself with nature for you to finally exhale- after all, you are on vacation so you deserve the very best.

We visit a special establishment that ensures the survival and conservation of the fastest land mammal, the Cheetah. You will be taken on an insightful journey on the mammal, its survival  and everything relevant to the amazing cat.  

We will visit Tsumkwe where the San people will welcome us, thereby allowing you the opportunity to interact with the oldest inhabitants of Namibia.

The adventure is always ahead as we drive North East to the village of Divundu, home of the Mbukushu Kingdom.

We will enjoy boat cruises (morning & evening) along the Okavango river- you can always try the local way of ''sailing'' along the Okavango river with the Mokoro boats.

After a few hours of good adventure, we say bye to the day and enjoy a delightful dinner.

PS: We spending the night in the beautiful Tree houses as the Hippos sing us a lullaby.

The adventure continues with an early morning safari into the beautiful & evergreen Bwabwata National Park.

The road to discovery continues to Ondangwa for insightful interactions and historical engagements before heading to the beautiful Etosha National Park for a well deserved safari to see the diverse wildlife in one of the largest national parks in Africa.

Duration:        8 - 12 days

Options:          Self-Drive or guided tour


Our express package is a busy round trip that includes hours of driving as you drive through small towns, villages, desert, rocky landscapes and national parks- However, it is all worth it and there is plenty to see.

You will get to see for yourself why the country is known as the land of wide open spaces.

We drive South of the capital city  of Windhoek to the naturally wind sculptured sand dunes of Sossusvlei. This is a long drive and upon arrival, we get some time to relax and freshen up before dinner time...pssst, the food is amazing!

Good morning, its time to visit the highest sand dunes in the worlds, descent into the 2nd largest canyon in Namibia before we drive off to Swakopmund via Solitaire to fuel up and stretch our legs and get a few snacks for the road trip down to the coast of Namibia. We drive to the Etosha National Park for a spectacular safari of the abundant wildlife to experience what Namibia has for you. Social interaction is the next stop to ensure a rewarding and fun encounters with what makes Namibia great, its people and culture in Owamboland.

Duration:        8 -10 Day

Options:          Self-Drive or guided tour

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