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NamaSTAY in Namibia

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During our small-size group tours, you have the unique opportunity to experience the Namibian culture and nature through mindful Yoga practices - giving your body and soul the opportunity to arrive and immerse yourself in the wide open spaces of Namibia. These beautiful routes through the Namibian desert and savannah provide the ideal setting to rekindle your inner strength, relax your body and embrace the beauty of the cradle of humankind. The Yoga practices will cover different styles adapted to our travel route including Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, meditations and Yoga Dance with live drumming. The practices will be used as a medium to increase your travel experience so, stay ready for not only an active but interactive travel experience with us.


Yoga is a practice of surrender, devotion and liberation, of constant arrival and immersion. We can't think of a more beautiful place to practice with you than here in Namibia. Let's immerse ourselves in a unique experience of exploding colors and shapes, celebrate diversity and find stillness and retreat together. Rekindle & Unleash your Roar in the most epic sceneries and let the spirit of Namibia guide you closer towards the purest and most authentic version of yourself.


We have selected a beautiful collection of Luxury Glamping Camps, self-catering houses and sustainable Lodges which will make your stay unique, comfortable - all in tune with nature. The group will share rooms with 2-4 beds at different destinations - making this a perfect opportunity for solo-travellers, friends and couples to explore Namibia. All group members will pay the same price. 


You don't just travel to a foreign country, we invite you to uniquely experience it, immerse self in it and to an extent, become a part of it.

For this interactive and intercultural experience, we work almost 100% with local and fair suppliers, relying on our and their local expertise. We are of the philosophy that we treat the people, culture and nature with mutual respect and fairness - forstering sustainable tourism. We support local small businesses aswell as sustainable projects and companies. You have the opporturnity to off-set your emissions by supporting local tree planting projects. 


Our Cultural Yoga Tours are designed as interactive tours whereby you will have physical movement through the daily yoga sessions, learn how to play the drums and cycle through the desert. The actitivies also include the classic Namibian Safari - seeing the beautiful wildlife in its natural state makes you feel the Circle of Life. In addtion, you will experience authentic Namibian culture through our joint BBQs and Traditional Cooking experiences.

Meet the Team

Meet the team that will guide you through our Namibian Yoga Retreat.

anchor your soul in the wide open spaces of namibia

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You can secure your spot on these retreats with a 20% downpayment upon booking confirmation.

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