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Our Corporate Social Responsibility
Our CSR Vision

Our vision is to strive beyond only introducing travellers to our beautiful land, Flora & Fauna. 

Our business is involving the Namibian people, culture and their traditional practices to Tourism. CSR is crucial to the entire Anchor Adventures Team. We donate and volunteer time to the people (mostly children) and the less privelledged in the different parts of Namibia. Travelling with Anchor Adventures allows you to visit all projects that we are a part of. 

We are a complete circle using Tourism as a way to lend a helping hand to the livelihoods of our people.

This is personal to us, it is good to do good. 

...connecting hands. 

Our partnership with the Hope Initiative of Southern Africa (HISA), is a sustainable partnership that we are immensely proud of. It is strengthened by our mutual drive to avail a helping hand to the children and providing daily meals and an education to the children- just as we should!

Our Corporate Social Responsibility is not to only give funds but to rather be a 'hands on'' part of supporting the course in spreading the spectrum of smiles.

As we grow as a company, the more partnerships we will create and thus ensure the widspread of human goodwill and spirit.


It is good to do good.

Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020 was a day that cemented the recurrence of us celebrating Christmas and cheering the holiday spirit. We visited the Hope Initiative and spend the day with the little sunshines. 

We attempted to capture the day but it can never visualise the love, laughter and enjoyment of the Xmas day.

We appreciate all donations received from individuals from Germany, USA, Spain and of course the motherland Namibia- Thank you!

It is good to do good. 

Tangi Unene! Thank you! Vielen Dank!
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