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"You must believe in something, Cultural Tourism is ours"

Lubowski Kadila

Anchor Adventures was founded by Lubowski Kadila,  an ambitious Namibian who because of his love for travelling and opportunity to create and share experiences, founded Anchor Adventures.
Your local Tour Operator in existence to not only show you but with the second willing hand, create social experiences  with what really makes Namibia great, its people.
Anchor Adventures is Tour Operator that specializes in tailored tours with social interactions with natives, insight on the cultural diversity, similarities, adventure and exploring the abundant wildlife and nature spread all across the country.
We believe in sustainable tourism and the equitable use of all its resources, thus preserving the beauty of the country, protection of all heritage sites and the wildlife. 
We strive to provide impactful journeys throughout the country. 
 and surrounding countries that are insightful, memorable and with the lens of your camera capture every moment.
Services offered:
  • Country- wide Tours
  • Township Tours
  • Travel packages
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation and Transportation
  • Self- Drive & Guided Tours

Lubowski Kadila

Chief Executive Officer

Tour Operator

Anchor Adventures Namibia

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