"You must believe in something, Cultural Tourism is ours"

Lubowski Kadila

Anchor Adventures is a Namibian Tour Operator, founded with the vision to create personalized travel experiences between you and the Namibian people.
Lubowski Kadila is the Founder and CEO of Anchor Adventures. An ambitious Namibian who because of his insatiable love for travelling and admiration for the unique cultures of Namibia, aims to create travel experiences for you whilst embracing the people of Namibia with the people of the world.
We exist to create insightful cultural interactions between Namibians and travellers from all over the world. There is no country without its people, we strive to bring different people together to interact, teach and learn from one another. Cultural exchange is important to us and the people of Namibia, as we would like to learn about your culture and way of life as we share ours with you.
Anchor Adventures specializes in customizeded tours with social interactions with the local people. We ensure cultural insight on the cultural diversity/similarities of the people and their everyday way of life, as you further adventure into the wide open spaces of the country filled with spectacular landscapes and abundant wildlife spread all across the country.
We believe in sustainable tourism and the equitable use of all of its resources, preservation of the beauty of the country and protection of our heritage & wildlife. 
We strive to provide impactful travel experiences throughout the country that travellers and locals will always remember. 
Services offered:
  • Travel itineraries
  • Township Tours
  • Volunteer work
  • Traditional cooking
  • Traditional Homestay
  • Cycling excursions
  • Basket weaving & Pottery
  • Guided OR Self- Drive Tours

Lubowski Kadila

Chief Executive Officer

Tour Operator

Anchor Adventures Namibia

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