About us

"You must believe in something, Cultural Tourism is ours."

Lubowski Kadila

There is no country without its people and as the saying goes ''charity starts at home'', at Anchor Adventures, we celebrate our fellow country Men and Women.
Lubowski Kadila is the Founder and CEO of Anchor Adventures.
A Namibian with an insatiable love for travelling and admiration of the diverse cultures of the people of Namibia- people are simply amazing! 
Founded in 2016, Anchor Adventures embraces and celebrates the Namibian people with the people of the world.
Cultural exchange and authenticity in ALL social encounters is of utmost importance to us and as Namibians, we would like to learn about your culture with the same spirit as we welcome and share ours with you- learn something teach something! 
We believe in sustainable tourism and the equitable use of the nations natural resources, preservation of the beauty of the country, heritage and wildlife. 
We strive to provide impactful travel experiences throughout the country that travellers and locals will always remember. 
This entails interacting with the local people, homestays and being part of the actual every day way of living.
We ensure cultural insight and social experiences that are fun, memorable and meaningful.
We have local partnerships that ensure that we always meet our Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR) to the Namibian nation and helping however we can.
We include 50 Euros per person travelling and donate it to the Hope Initiative Namibia- A Non Profit orphanage that educate and feed the children of the Katutura township in Windhoek.​ The funds are used for the maintenance of the NGO, provision of food for the children and affording them an education.
We specialize in customised tour packages to Namibia, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa.
Services offered:
  • Itinerary creation
  • Township Tours
  • Volunteer work- schools, orphanages, soup kitchen, etc.
  • Traditional cooking
  • Brewing of Traditional beverages
  • Homestays
  • Cycling excursions
  • Basket weaving & Pottery
  • Guided OR Self- Drive Tours

Our Team

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    Lubowski Kadila

    Tour guide

    I love to travel and being able to share travel experiences and embrace my fellow Namibians is a dream come true.

    I like to swim and play soccer in my free time or simply read a book. Tourism is life, it is never the same experience with different people from all walks of life. It is always a beautiful and unique experience.

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    Sakeus Kadhikwa

    Tour guide

    Hello everyone, I am Sacky and I am the biggest fan of Tourism. I take pride in my contribution to the Anchor Adventures family.

    I am a very relaxed and patient person and enjoy what I do. I look forward to meet and share my home with you.

    In my free time, I love to spend time with my friends and family. 

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    Valentina Nepolo

    Tour guide

    I meet different people on a daily basis, meeting people from different countries is amazing. I love cooking and when people enjoy my food that makes it even better. I am happy to be part of the Anchor Adventures team and admire its stand point regarding Tourism and the celebration of its people.

    People are simply amazing!

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    Elvin Eduardo

    Tour guide

    Hello everyone, I am Elvin. I like to think of  myself as a fun person and being in Tourism industry allows me to share my good spirit with everyone I meet. If you are happy, relaxed and enjoying your vacation time with us, I remain the happy man that I am.

    So, I look forward to seeing you one day in the future and sharing experiences with you.




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Lubowski Kadila - CEO


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