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Namibian Nature - as beautiful and diverse as it's people

''Nature is beautiful in its natural settting and that beauty we should collectively appreciate and preserve for the generation of tomorrow- Flora, Fauna and Landscape.''


We have them all - BIG FIVE

This is the most visited park in the country, a wildlife sanctuary with free- roaming animals, a divers bird species, a salt pan (4800 square kms in size),-  the pan is visible from space. The wildlife congregate at the different waterholes in the park, thus providing guaranteed game sightings as the animals quench their thirst. Accommodation ranges from luxurious lodges, chalets, double rooms to camping spots- all to enable comfortability during your stay in our wildlife sanctuary called Etosha National Park.


It is a sight to see animals in their natural habitat- absolutely beautiful! 

Namib Desert

We are the oldest desert

The word 'Namib' is of the Nama origin, which means 'open space'.

It is a coastal desert in Southern Africa and is home to the worlds oldest sand dunes and the different endemic plants and animals adapted to the climate conditions of the desert. The Namib desert has an annual precipitation of 2 mm-200mm per annum and has a small percentage of human inhabitants that consists of indigenous pastoral groups and  small settlements, such as the Ovahimba and the Topnaar Nama people.

The fauna of the Namib desert mostly comprises of antelopes, Ostriches, , Zebras, desert beetles and the Desert adapted Elephants.


We are second in the world

It is the largest canyon in Africa and the 2nd largest in the world. The canyon is a favorite for hikers, photographers and nature lovers- the scenery is unmatched. It is 160 km long, 27 km wide and 550 meters deep.

Can you imagine hiking to the bottom and spending a night in a tent in the canyon?

The canyon is spectacular, the topography is amazing and the ambience is relaxing.

The Fish River canyon is part of the Ais-Ais Richtersveld Transfrontier Park and is the country's 2nd most visited part of Namibia.

Cheetah Population

We are big cats

The Cheetah is an endangered species in the world, mostly due to human impacts (human- wildlife conflict).

The Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) is a Non-Profit organisation founded in Namibia that is focused on the protection and conservation of the Cheetah population. In Namibia, we pride ourselves in securing the future of the fastest land animal in the world. The CCF works closely with all stakeholders within the cheetah’s ecosystem to develop the best available practices in research, ecology, education and to create a sustainable model from which all other species can benefit from.

Leopards and Lions are kept in big parks and reserves but roam freely in conservancies- their habitat has minimal human impact.

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Skeleton Coast

We are desert and ocean

We have the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Namib desert on the other. This is a place that stretches for kilometres with the most diverse works of nature coming together and creating such a beautiful environment with no human influence- now thats amazing!

It is safe to say that it is one of those things that one has to experience for themselves, as it is more of the feeling that is accompanied by what you can see with your own eyes.

Two ecosystems co- existing, now that is remarkable!


We are hippos and crocodiles

The Okavango river is the 4th longest river in Southern Africa and stretches for over 1700 kilometres. The perennial Okavango river creates a unique ecosystem in forming the largest inland delta in the world. 

The marine life is home to semiaquatic hippos and crocodiles that can be seen on the beautiful boat cruises.

The wood carved Mokoro boats are used by fishermen as the ideal mode of transportation for people to see the different parts of the amazing Okavango river.

A ride in the Mokoro boat is always an adventure for the adventuruous and an experience that we highly recommend to everyone visiting this part of the country! 

Interesting Facts about Namibia

  • A smile is not a formality

  • A population of 2.6 Million beautiful people.

  • Mburumba Kerina is our Hero and the man who gave Namibia its name.

  • The size of the country is 825 419 sqaure kilometres.

  • The country includes 2 deserts, yes, 2 different deserts.

  • Namibia has over 300 days of sunshine per year.

  • The shape of the country is like the back of your hand, literally.

  • Namibia is one of only 2 countries in the world with Desert Elephants.

  • Namibia is home to the largest single piece of Meteorite on Earth.

  • Namibia is home to the largest Cheetah population in the world.

  • 80 % of the country is desert.

  • The country's land mass is equivalent to that of Spain and Germany combined.

  • You will find "Reinheitsgebot", "Brötchen" and "Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte" in Namibia.

  • You can taste up to 15 different types of meat.

  • People of Namibia are the nicest people, rich in hospitality.

  • Namibia is the 2nd least densely populated sovereign country in the world, Mongolia being the first.

  • Namibia is a destination to over 4 international Airlines.

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