6 - 19 December 2021


A cultured travel experience begins...

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Namibia is a famous travel destination, well- known for its beautiful Flora, Fauna and untouched landscapes.

Anchor Adventures aims to shift this traditional tourism to embracing what really makes the country great, its people!

As a Namibian Tour Operator specialising in creating individual travel experiences, we plan and customise travel packages for you, with you. Ultimately giving you the the complete African experience in Namibia.

We include the Namibian people and their culture in Tourism.

Our trips are Individual, Authentic, Adventurous and Personal.

To pioneer a new approach to Tourism on how travellers experience a country. Creating travel experiences that usher in the link for intercultural dialogues, social interactions and cultural exchange between locals and visitors.

Our Vision
Traveller Reviews
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Jeanette H.

A unique experience - our 3-week adventure holiday across Namibia & thanks to the top organization by Lubowski, a very varied and eventful trip. Anyone who wants to travel individually through this dreamlike country and learn more about history and culture is in good hands with Anchor Adventures.

Marcel M.

A unique experience and the traditional cooking, which was an integral part, was once again a crowning achievement on the whole tour! Nowhere do you get closer to talking to the locals or get to know "real life"! Again and again! We will definitely stop by again when we travel to Namibia! A great country and above all a great guide!


Antje M.

My husband and I were almost the first Anchor Adventures guests in this beautiful and diverse country. We have had many wonderful moments. The red dunes of Sossusvlei, the coast of Swakopmund, desert elephants, the king of the desert and the people. The most beautiful lodges you can imagine were our oasis of relaxation. Our guide Lubowski fulfilled all of our wishes.

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