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A stew every meat lover will enjoy.


Poitjie-kos is a traditional stew enjoyed by many and should be shared with the world. The origins of Poitjiekos dates back to the Eighty Years War between the Dutch and the Spanish(1568-1648). The poitjie kos delicacy is now widely enjoyed by people and mostly prepared for a a number of people to eat and enjoy it together.

There are several variations and today we will see how it is prepared in Namibia.

The first characteristic thing about this recipe is definitely the pot where Poitjie-kos is prepared which is called the three-legged pot.

Another characteristic of this dish is that it is cooked slowly to make the meat tender and rich in the flavors given by the spices and vegetables added to the poitjie.

Total: 1:35 mins Prep: 10 mins Cook: 1:25 mins Yield: 4 servings

Ingredients :

1 kg of lamb with bone.

Oil to cover the base of the pot.

3 potatoes cut in chunks (450gr.)

2 carrots(450gr.)

2 onions chopped

Green beans (200gr.)

1,4 kg diced tomatoes

Salt taste

Black Pepper to taste

1 tablespoon grated ginger

Few Bay leaves

4 clove garlic

400ml. meat stock

1 Chopped corn

Instructions :

Step 1

In a poitjie pot or Dutch oven with hot oil, add the chopped onions and cook on medium heat, until browned.

Step 2

Add the meat, all the spices with ginger and garlic. Carefully brown everywhere, braise for 15 minutes, adding meat stock when required.

Step 3

Add remaining meat stock, tomatoes and bay leave.

Step 4

Cover and cook over low heat for an hour.

Step 5

Add chopped vegetables (potatoes, carrots, and corn) and let it cook for around 40 min.

Step 6

Finally, add the green beans .

Step 7

Eventually, adjust with salt and pepper.

Step 8

Make sure the stew is not too dry if it is, adds a little water or broth.

Step 9

Simmer for another 30 min. Circa.

Step 10

You can serve now your Poitjiekos with rice or maize porridge.




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